Discovering and Nurturing Resilience as Women

Mar 17, 2023 | Self-care | 0 comments

Now, more than ever, women are choosing the path to become successful in their careers. However, women continue to face challenges when pursuing careers, even with similar education and accomplishments to men. While women are becoming more successful in their careers, pressure remains for traditional roles set forth by society. While men also face their own pressures to be providers and succeed financially, societal norms continue to dictate how women show up in the world.

Balancing work, family life, and career can create pressures we do not realize. Women often do what it takes to make it to the next day but often forget to check in mentally. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges can hit hard at the wrong time if not addressed.

Here are some tips on ways to check in, how to build confidence and how to excel despite these challenges.

Recognize your strength

Women must encourage themselves daily and see their womanhood as a gift that comes with creativity, tenacity, and the ability to organize and multi-task.  Women have the ability to perceive and understand many aspects of people and the world in ways that men cannot, and this is truly an asset.

See this as a strength, and utilize it in your daily life. You are stronger than you can imagine.

Fight Imposter Syndrome

Women fight imposter syndrome at a much higher rate than men. It is a feeling that you do not deserve your success and accolades, no matter how much you’ve done to earn them. Many female figures have paved the way, fought against harmful female stereotypes, and demonstrated that women too could be innovative and successful. They also had to fight against the naysayers, who were men, their friends, and even loved ones who believed it was impossible for women. Their biggest fight was against the negative thinking patterns holding them back. Just as the women in our past persevered, women today must do the same. 

We can start by challenging our negative thoughts and fighting that voice telling us

we cannot succeed. You can begin battling this negative voice by acknowledging the facts and using positive affirmations, such as:

“I have a master’s degree and have worked in this industry for over 10 years.”

“I have brought in a significant amount of clients for my company, which was instrumental for its success.”

“My work ethic is impeccable.”

“I am intelligent and personable and deserve to be here!”

You deserve your success. Keep telling yourself that every day.

Know your burnout limit.

One of the most powerful tools for success is knowing when to say “no”. As much as ambitious women desire to excel, learning how to set boundaries is just as important. We, of course, want to be great and are willing to do the work it takes to get there. However, overextending can lead to burnout and other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

It’s important to know your own limits.  Know when it is time to cut back on projects you take on. Know when it is time to take some time off without feeling guilty. Most importantly, acknowledge when you are near your burnout point so that you can seek support.

Recognizing what burnout looks like is also important. It can look like struggling with basic tasks like getting out of bed and making breakfast, feeling low motivation at work, and feeling lethargic while doing activities that usually bring you joy. Know these signs and seek help.

Be adamant about seeking help.

Seeking the help of a therapist is an excellent step toward managing burnout. Therapists are good for more than just venting. They are trained professionals that can provide valuable tools for handling stressful situations in a healthy manner.

Utilizing these tools in your daily life can help you build the confidence and resilience to succeed in your career and personal life. It’s time for women to be bold and confidently take their place in this world. 

If you found value in this blog, click here to connect with a therapist who can walk with you through this journey. 


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